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Some Success

After some two years of begging, nagging, and repteatedly asking for an account to the WISE SVN, a friend at ACT was so kind to let me store the WISE source code on my premisses. As NATO seems not to … Continue reading

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BRITE 1.1.2 continued…

What I am checking out the Products as they come down the list. First WISE thing to know: do stick to Internet Explorer. The first App that doesn´t work is the Chart Product, which will not let Firefox save the … Continue reading

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Back to the Basics

Hi there again, Long time no read… You might say that I’ve been busy. And that is right. After leaving my cosy position with the Navy, struggling to get all my exams right, I now look forward to the biggest … Continue reading

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Whats up?

Current proceedings I am currently writing a handbook for a WISE 1.3 installation at an operational site. That is an Installation (+ Modification), Administration and user document in one or three seperate papers. While the documentation that comes with WISE … Continue reading

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Things to do for 1.3

To Dave and Nick, I sat together with XXXX of XXXXX’s operational training facility, who teaches WISE and MCCIS and took, a look on 1.3R1 Orca 13201.36 wich is the 22nd July build As requested here are the results of the german jury: We noted the following, mainly … Continue reading

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Outsourcing the Userbase

Since a customer is looking into upgrading his WISE 1.1 installation I was asked to confirm the availability of active directory as a userbase in WISE 1.3. The short story: confirmed. But seriously… I put up a win2003 Server out … Continue reading

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Sachstand ToDo Liste

Es wird mal Zeit für ein kleines Resüme: Im Artikel 44 (Der ToDo Liste) habe ich vor einiger Zeit mal ein wenig über Meta-Tags und Suchen im allgemeinen und im WISE nachgedacht. Mittlerweile hat sich einiges auf dem Sektor getan, sodaß ich … Continue reading

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As I stroll through WISE 1.3 (nightly from 20th May) I noticed some functionalities not working.The ones I´ll write about today are connected to the RSS functionality and the related products in WISE. RSS is one of the most important … Continue reading

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Im Verlauf meiner Versuche mit BRITE habe ich ein Ticket in den Issue Tracker gestellt. (Das News Produkt liess sich nicht als WISELET anzeigen wenn ein RSS Feed eingebunden wurde). —-#4085: News product doesn’t appear in WISELET view when RSS … Continue reading

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BRITE Proceedings

Wer sich erinnert: Ich war dabei und habe versucht, BRITE 1.2 auf einer VM zum laufen zu bringen. Das erste problem (Fehler 1060: der Postgres-Service ist nicht gestartet?!) hat sich von selbst erledigt.Ich hatte auf meiner mobilen Plattform mangels einer … Continue reading

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